Jharkhand allows 50 people at a time at places of worship

In Jharkhand 50 people are allowed to worship at a time.

The Jharkhand government has said that a maximum of 50 people can enter the place of worship at a time and devotees should wear masks and maintain social distance. The state government on Thursday allowed religious institutions to reopen after more than six months. Places of worship may reopen in areas other than planning areas and the heads of these religious institutions should ensure adherence to the COVID-19 protocol, a notification issued by Chief Secretary Sukhdev Singh on Wednesday night.

The notification states, “No more than 50 people will gather at any place of worship at once and a distance of six feet should be maintained between each devotee.”
No fair or religious procession will be held and only those devotees will be allowed to enter the places of worship with masks, it said.

The notification states that priests or clerics must wear masks and devotees should not embrace each other or touch idols, sacred texts or bells.

People have to bring pottery from their homes and they cannot sit together to sing or speak. Priests cannot make ‘offerings’ to the devotees or sprinkle water on them.

The notification states that saints will be placed at the entrance of religious institutions and no person with coronavirus symptoms will be allowed to enter.

It has been said that cafeterias and shops near places of worship will also have to follow the COVID-19 protocol.

The notification states that the retirement of the floor of religious institutions will have to be taken several times a day. Strict action will be taken against those who violate the COVID-19 protocol.

The Ramgarh district administration has made it mandatory for devotees to enter the famous Chinnamastaka temple of Rajnappa and offer prayers to the presiding deity.

After a gap of more than six months, the temple gates were opened for devotees at 5 am.

Deputy Commissioner Sandeep Singh said that devotees can give free tokens to pray to the goddess between 6 am and noon, while goat sacrifices will be offered from 5-6 pm and 2 pm.

No one will be allowed to give online tokens to VIPs, he said, adding that sufficient police personnel have been deployed at both the places of entry to the temple via Chittapur and Gola.

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