How to Use Apple Shortcuts to Quickly Check Your iPhone 12 Shipping Status

Word on the road is that Apple is beginning to provide tracking information to those lucky enough to urge an early shipping date for his or her iPhone 12 pre-order.

It’s pretty easy to stay tabs thereon shipment and debar “porch pirates,” but you’ll simplify that process even further by using Apple’s Shortcuts app, and reduce the quantity of taps it takes to frantically—I mean, frequently—check your iPhone 12 shipment status.

Open the Apple Store App, and tap your current iPhone 12 order. Tap Track Shipment to look at additional tracking details, and tap the Open in Safari button in lower-right corner.

Tap the URL to spotlight it, then tap it again and choose Copy to feature the tracking URL to your clipboard. Open the Shortcuts app, then select the “+” button in the upper-right corner to make a new Shortcut. Tap Add Action.

Select Web Action, and under Safari, tap Open URLs. Tap the URL field twice and choose Paste to feature the tracking URL from your clipboard. Tap wiped out the lower-right corner then tap Next within the upper-right corner.

Enter the shortcut name. Tip: this is often the phrase you’ll use to trigger Shortcut via Siri. An optional edit: tap the icon to vary it color and image “Glyph”

How to Track Your iPhone Shipment

You now have 3 ways to stay tabs on your new smartphone:

Open the Shortcut App and tap your Shortcut name.
Tap the Shortcut settings (three dots) to feature the Shortcut icon to your Home Screen.
Fire up Siri and say [Shortcut name] to trigger your Shortcut.

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