Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro 5G review: a pleasant try at making a flagship

Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro 5G review: a pleasant try at making a flagship

Xiaomi has realized that so as to enter India’s premium smartphone segment, it must boost up the sport and work out a way to pull consumer attention off from rivals. But the matter is that it isn’t easy to require on the competition just by making a flagship. The phone must offer one or two features that its rival flagship lacks; plus, the smartphone also must be priced competitively. Its latest MI10T Pro seems to be the flagship which may help Xiaomi gain confidence by bringing more such high-end smartphones to India, the company’s most vital market.

At Rs 39,999, the Mi 10T Pro does offer some solid features sort of a 144Hz display, a super-fast performance, a 108MP camera, and a large 5000mAh battery with 33W fast charging support.

But is that the Mi10 Pro worth buying? I used Xiaomi’s flagship for every week to seek out out the solution. Here is my review of the Mi 10T Pro.

Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro review: What’s new?

The Mi 10T Pro is formed for larger than average hands, and that i am saying this confidently. It’s a tall, thick, and a small amount heavy smartphone — rather like the Galaxy S20 Ultra. It’s also quite slippery, and taking pictures with it requires two hands. If you’re a little phone person, just ignore the Mi 10T Pro.

That said, if you’ve got big hands, I don’t think so it should be a controversy in handling this device. Xiaomi uses toughened glass for the front and back and also the metal frame is created from a strengthened aluminum. The camera bump is way larger thanks to the 108MP camera, but you can’t ignore it. The build quality of the Mi 10T Pro is impeccable. The phone comes in two colors, and therefore the Lunar Silver model is striking.

One thing i actually liked about the Mi 10T Pro is how Xiaomi has integrated the fingerprint reader within the power button. It’s fast and therefore the fingerprint reader registers my prints instantly. i’ve got been saying this for long that in-display fingerprint scanners aren’t the most effective biometric solutions as they’re neither fast nor as accurate as physical fingerprint scanners. For a giant phone just like the Mi 10T Pro, the fingerprint scanner mounted on the side is a perfect solution.

Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro review: What’s good?

The 6.67-inch display (2400×1080 pixel) on the Mi10T Pro is completely fine. It’s an LCD display and not the OLED display in flagships just like the iPhone 12 and OnePlus 8T. Sure, OLED displays have many advantages over LCD “Liquid Retina” displays like deeper blacks and better brightness and contrast. I didn’t find anything wrong with the Mi 10T Pro’s LCD display. The screen is bright, color production is great, and viewing angles are wide. There’s also a reading mode, which I absolutely loved.

One of the highlights of the Mi 10T Pro is that the display refresh rate. Yes, the screen refreshes at 144Hz (144 times per second). High refresh rates make scrolling and animations look much smoother. plenty of Android phones have a high-refresh display, but the Mi 10T Pro is that the first device to bring a 144Hz display phone at Rs 40,000. What i actually liked about the phone’s 144Hz display is that the ability to alter its refresh rate in real-time looking on what the user is staring at. as an example, the display automatically goes up to 144Hz when playing a graphics-intensive game. But in some situations like watching a YouTube video, the refresh rate switches back to 60Hz. This helps the phone save battery.

There are benefits of a 144Hz screen, but average consumers shouldn’t bother much a few high-refresh-rate screens. a better refresh rate screen may be important criteria in choosing a phone for a hardcore mobile gamer but not my parents, who are least bothered about PUBG or Call of Duty: Mobile.
Given the phone sports a 144Hz display, I feel Xiaomi knew that to stay the phone running all day long, it needed to urge an even bigger battery cell. With a 5000mAh battery, the phone lasted every day. Having a 144Hz refresh rate enabled on the display, I used to be consistently ready to get a full day of usage and shut to 1 and a half-day of battery when switched to 60Hz display. Xiaomi is bundling a 33W fast charger that may quickly fill the 5000mAh battery in a few minutes.

In my week-long testing, I failed to face any issues with the phone’s performance. The Snapdragon 865 processor paired with 8GB RAM and 128GB storage ensures everything from apps to running games like Forza Street run smoothly. The phone also supports 5G, but it’s of no use for many consumers in India, as most networks currently don’t support 5G yet.
The Mi 10T Pro runs Android 10 with Xiaomi’s MIUI 12 overlay on top. MIUI looks neat and offers lots of tweaks, but I still feel that the computer program will be improved lots.

Xiaomi has bragged plenty about the cameras on the Mi 10T Pro. There are three cameras in total on the rear of the phone: a 108MP sensor with a wide-angle f/1.69 lens (it uses four-to-one pixel binning to deliver 27MP shots), a 13MP ultra-wide angle f/2.4 camera with a 123° field of view, and a 5MP f2/4 macro camera with autofocus.
So how good shot gaga the 108MP camera? Actually, colossal in the least. In ideal lighting conditions, the Mi 10T Pro’s camera does an honest job in picking colors, leading to clear and detailed photos with minimum noise. But now and then, I did notice that the camera overexposed images.

Capturing still in low-light is satisfactory, though I still believe that Xiaomi has to catch up to Apple, Samsung and Google on low-light performance

You can also take shots at up to 3x of optical zoom, and also the camera also supports digital zoom up to 30x — but zooming anywhere from 10x ends up in unsatisfactory images.

The portrait mode is improved too. The 13MP ultrawide camera produces some specific shots when the natural light is suitable. The 5MP macro lens may be a hit and miss. The front-facing 20MP camera is fun to use. It produces a number of the perfect shots I’ve seen on any selfie camera.

The Mi 10T Pro does a decent job of capturing videos. It can even shoot an 8K video.

Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro review: What’s bad?

The Mi 10T Pro isn’t an ideal phone, and that I think Xiaomi is fully aware. The phone lacks lots of features that ought to be included but Xiaomi chose to ignore it. for instance, the phone lacks a politician water-resistance rating or support for wireless charging. The device also lacks a headphone jack and also the Mi 10T Pro doesn’t even include stereo speakers. Then the phone has non-expandable storage, which implies you may always be cursed 128GB of storage

Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro review: do you have to buy it?

It depends. If you are doing care a few 144Hz screens, a 108MP camera, and a 5000mAh battery on a smartphone, you’ll be able to spend Rs 40,000 on the Mi 10T Pro. I believe the Mi 10T Pro would be enough on behalf of me as an influence user, but let me tell you that there are alternatives to the current phone available within the market.

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