Bitcoin Price: What Are The Stats From 2009 To 2018?

Bitcoin Price: What Are The Stats From 2009 To 2018?

Cryptocurrency is certainly the foremost trending topic within the technology space. Digital currencies like Bitcoin and therefore the recently introduced Dogecoin is what made it majorly to the headlines. Not just the costs of Bitcoin, but Dogecoin is additionally witnessing an all-time high. And with popular brands like Tesla backing up the cryptocurrency (Bitcoin) with an investment of USD 1.5 billion, the pricing is probably going to determine some major spikes going forward moreover.

Currently, one Bitcoin price is worth USD 45,682 (approx Rs. 33,26,976). Has the pricing been this high throughout? Well, this text may be a brief history of Bitcoin pricing ranging from the year 2008 to 2018. If you’re fascinated by investing in this digital currency and wish to see through the pricing history, then this text is what you wish to travel through.

Bitcoin Price History From 2008 To 2019

Bitcoin was originally announced back in 2008; however, it officially came into use by 2009. This digital currency doesn’t have any financial organization as an administrative body and might be shared between different users via peer-to-peer networks. you’d be surprised to understand that the value of 1 Bitcoin within the initial days was $0. However, its prices started sky-rocketing within a brief span. By June 2009, the one Bitcoin price went up to $32 (approx Rs. 2,329).

The prices of Bitcoin haven’t always seen a hike since its introduction. it’s had its share of highs and lows throughout. Back in 2011 when cryptocurrency saw the market’s lowest, its prices dropped to around $2 (approximately Rs. 145). In 2013, this digital currency started getting some increments in its cost and was available for up to $13.20 (roughly Rs. 960). This pricing was within half.

The value of Bitcoin started rising within the same year and by the top of 2013, its prices shot at $1156.10 (roughly Rs. 84,156). With the value differentiating majorly in these years, there was a significant impact on its value within the following years. within the half f 2015, Bitcoin was available at $315 (roughly Rs. 22,929). Moving ahead, Bitcoin price multiplied thrice and was priced at $975.70- $1,000 (Rs. 70,963- Rs. 72,813). In 2018, its prices were around $6,300 (roughly Rs. 4,58,651).

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