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Amazon, Microsoft invest in sustainable concrete producer

A Canadian cleantech company, CarbonCure Technologies, that develops carbonic acid gas removal (CDR) solutions for the concrete industry has received investment from leading technology and property developers. Amazon’s Climate Pledge Fund and Breakthrough Energy Ventures (BEV) co-led the investment syndicate comprising Microsoft, BDC Capital, 2150, Thistledown Foundation, Taronga Group and GreenSoil Investments, CarbonCure said on

Ferrari Omologato could be a natural event immoderate exclusive V12 GT

Italian Luxury Supercar manufacturer Ferrari has disclosed a novel natural event crafted Ferrari, the Omologato. The Ferrari Omologato reverberates with the brand’s seven decades of GT tradition and is absolute to strike a chord within the hearts of Ferrari aficionados. The natural event Omologato has been commissioned by an EU shopper, details of whom haven’t

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+: Seamless multi-tasking arrives on Android

Device makers are constantly looking to refine their best-selling products with productivity and creativity in mind in the social distancing era when the home is the office. Samsung Galaxy tabs delivered wonderful Android-based experiences earlier somehow missing a complete package to date. With the 12.4-inch Super AMOLED display-packed Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ LTE, the company

HPE releases entry level storage solution for SMBs

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) on Friday announced an entry-level, hybrid-flash storage solution to help small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) focus on growing their business. The next generation of the HPE Modular Smart Array (MSA), HPE MSA Gen 6, comes at a time when technology spending is limited for most SMBs due to disruptions brought about

Detel launches semi-automatic washing machine

Detel has launched a semi-automatic washing machine that is designed keeping in mind the need of Indian customers. Datel has today announced the launch of its first washing machine in the Indian market.  The newly launched product is priced at 5,999.00 + GST, customers can purchase the product from the Detel-India website.  The product is

10 Best Shows you’ll Binge Watch Without Regret

10 Best Shows you’ll Binge-Watch Without Regret It won’t be wrong to mention that web series have gained tons of importance with the change in the medium of consuming virtual content. People prefer binge-watching series and shows on their laptops instead of watching scheduled programs on TV. With the lockdown norms being imposed on people,